Tamara Cincik
Fashion Stylist
Painted Eyes

Name: Tamara Cincik
Fashion Stylist
Hometown: Watford – but believe me I left at 18!

Current Location: Gospel Oak, North London – I travelled an epic 16 miles!

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Who inspires you in your profession? Who inspires me are those who manage to work well with humour, talent and grace, combined with staying true to themselves: so this is across the board from icon inspirations (from Anne Boleyn, Angela Carter, James/Jeanette, to Keir Hardie!!), heroines from books I have read, or from movies – I have watched and read a lot!

Why should people be jealous of you?  I think jealousy isn’t that healthy!!!  Perhaps for being half Turkish and totally Watford, overlaid with a veneer of bohemian bookish style and swaying hips?!?  God knows why anyone is jealous of someone, when I have been, it’s always been for THE most random reasons and the more I know them, luckily the less jealous I seem to become.
Where do you like to eat and why? Either at home – as we have an allotment and grow our own fruit and vegetables. Or on Green Lanes for a tasty Turkish food fix. Or at the pub, say on a Sunday afternoon in Brighton with friends, or at Jeremy’s friend’s pub in Highgate, next to the log fire, or the Stag’s Head up the road.
How do you get motivated? I think being freelance for years has meant I have had to be self-motivated.  Money is increasingly a motivator! That or on a creative project, the hope and aspiration that I and the team will generate good work.  I love the feeling at the end of a shoot, when the team are smiling and the results are better than the initial inspiration idea I have been working with for weeks to get the shoot off the ground; that sees me through ploughing through the prep and returns.  There is a high when an idea I have had, gets commissioned and then comes together with the team creating something gorgeous, I love that….
What pisses you off? Rubbish and rudeness. Rubbish: I styled Richard Reynolds the guerrilla gardener for Muse recently, he said it all begins with the rubbish, I have a thing about recycling and trying to make urban spaces as beautiful as possible. Rudeness: all us ladies can suffer with those evil PMS short fuse blues, but rudeness, especially when it comes out of nowhere from strangers, can really upset me.
I could add too the class system…

Who’s on the top of your playlist? Bat for Lashes – my lovely client, Zeki Muren when I need an old school Turkish crooner moment. Or David Bowie, Charles Asnavour  for a similar style – I am partial to a power ballad.
What is your catch-phrase? “Darling , I did grow up in a hairdressing salon, so please cut me some slack!” That, or love you x.

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