Sacha Harrison
Fashion Assistant
Under A Funeral Moon

Name: Sacha Harrison
Fashion Assistant
Hometown: London

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Who inspires you in your profession? All the people with whom I’ve worked as an intern! The beauty girls at In Style, all the people at Vogue (how do you stay so calm and collected!?) And of course Lauren Blane.

Why should people be jealous of you?  Because I can achieve the darkest of tans in half an hour.
Where do you like to eat and why? McDonalds because it’s addictive.
How do you get motivated? Singing cheesy feel good songs – it makes it all better.
What pisses you off? Too cool for school.
Who’s on the top of your playlist? I know it’s very uncool but I can’t get enough of Glee. It’s ridiculously funny.
What is your catch-phrase? Anything in an Australian accent.

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