Rossana Passalacqua
Fashion Stylist
Complainte de la Seine

Name: Rossana Passalacqua
Fashion Stylist
Hometown: Palermo

Current Location: Paris/Milan

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

What’s the best thing about summer? My father’s food.

Where is your favorite holiday destination?  Sicily and home.
What are the best and worst things about your job? Best thing: I’m freelance, I manage my time. Worst thing: I’m freelance, THEY manage my money…
What will you do when you retire? Will I ever retire?  I don’t know. Maybe something that could head me back to my beloved island.
What did you dream about last night? I don’t remember.
What rocks your world? Franco Battiato,  Ian Curtis, Santa Rosalia, Italian old ladies, small cafès in Paris.
What makes you laugh? Old Italian comedies, have you ever heard of Alberto Sordi?

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