Priscilla Polley
You Go In Shadows

Name: Priscilla Polley
Hometown: Portland, Oregan

Current Location: Brooklyn, New York

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Who inspires you in your profession? All the visual artists who recognize clothing as a medium: Nikki S. Lee, Cindy Sherman, Ryan Trecartin, Anna Gaskell, etc.

Why should people be jealous of you?  My apartment has the best view in NYC.  I challenge anyone to a view-off.
Where do you like to eat and why? Any place my husband and I can agree on.
How do you get motivated? Coffee and the promise of a long nap.
What pisses you off? Uneccessary drama.
Who’s on the top of your playlist? Joni Mitchell.
What is your catch-phrase? “No worries.”

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