Hannah Elwell
Fashion Assistant

Name: Hannah Elwell
Fashion Assistant
Hometown: Stoke-on-Trent

Current Location: From one ghetto to another – Stoke Newington

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Who inspires you in your profession? ‘You can find inspiration in everything and if you can’t look again’, as Sir Paul Smith once said.

Why should people be jealous of you?  My hot boyfriend.
Where do you like to eat and why? In my home with friends and jokes or a lamb kebab from the Best Turkish Kebab in Stokey because it really is the best.
How do you get motivated? I think about what I want from life and I go out and I do it.
What pisses you off? Our new Tory government, snobs, arrogance and rude people.
Who’s on the top of your playlist? My mate’s band Hurts and Kid Cudi.
What is your catch-phrase? “Cool, wicked, sound”, I think I need to grow up or at least extend my vocab library.

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