Francesca Burns


Name:  Francesca Burns
Occupation:  Today I’m a stylist.
Hometown:  London
Current Location:  Hemel Hempstead
Astrological Sign:  Scorpio
What is sexy about you?  Absolutely nothing.
What is your worst habit?  Worrying
What is your most memorable fashion mistake?  Hangover dressing- in general, always a mistake.
What do you want to be remembered for? My karaoke rendition of Black Velvet or Whole Lotta History
If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be and why?  Either Kate Moss- just to know what it’s like or a monk in Tibet for the same reason.
What’s the quickest route to your heart? Humor.
What makes you angry?  Stupid people.
What was the last film you saw and give a quick review:  The Proposal- It was really predictable from the trailor.  You knew what was going to happen. Rubbish.
What is your secret weapon?  Not telling.
When are you the most happy?  In bed or in Prada.

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