Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Black
Stylist Assistant/Shop Girl
To Tell You The Truth I Lied
Tipp Tapp

Name: Elizabeth Black
Stylist Assistant/Shop Girl
Hometown: Watford… shame.

Current Location: Camden

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

What makes you laugh out loud? Good Woody Allen.

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? Learn another language.
What’s your favorite outfit and why? Right now, thermals. It’s freeeeezing.
What’s hot right now? Avatar apparently. If one more person has a go at me for not seeing it…
Where’s your favorite place in the world and why? At the moment, my bed.
What’s special about your best friend? She’s luminous.
Describe your first kiss: Under a bed with a boy from school.
Make a wish: …Done.

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