They Drove All Night

“I used the film ‘Midnight Cowboy’ as a launching point for this story.  I’ve always been struck by it’s combination of small-town innocence and big-city players;  and what happens when they collide. But instead of making caricatures of the guys (dimwits and hicks) and girls (shrews and bimbos) I pared it down to a story about two lovesick country kids coming to the city for the girl’s big chance at an audition…” -MJ

Midnight Cowboy

“Poppy and I met a week before the shoot and did something I never do:  a storyboard!!  Usually I like to do things as they happen, but storyboard we did, planning the story shot-for-shot. Cast two beautiful models new to town — one from Florida (Tanner), the other from Texas (Ashley), and away we went — prepared for everything. Except or the hurricane that hit New York the morning of the shoot.” -MJ

“We were battling with one of the first super cold new York days and there we were strolling down time square with the cowboy……. I think my neighbours in my studio think I have a very exotic personal life…I’ve been getting lots of cheeky smiles in the elevator.” -PDV


“Here we had planned countless outdoor shots, but the City suddenly became dark, windy as hell,  and flooded out with rain.  So much for those sunny, carefree shots on the Brooklyn Bridge… Everyone was a sport and plodded along like troupers.  Instead of shooting ON the bridge, we had to shoot UNDER it.  Instead of Times Square, we shot in my apartment. Lesson learned: Be prepared. For ANYTHING!!” -MJ