Behind-the-scenes footage photographed by Danny Sangra:

“When I found the location that we used for the opening shot I couldn’t believe it. I had ran off by myself looking for something special then I saw the most amazing scene. So amazing in fact I walked straight into a bog, my foot started sinking. If you notice Karolina walks off to the side when she reached the bottom of the shot. Thats because we had to make a little bridge for her, otherwise she would get stuck in the mud, just like that scene in Never Ending story. Gaby is hiding behind a tree during most of the scenes.”-DS


The animation:

“The animation was just a doodle I drew on a timelapse. There is actually an overlay image from the film Wonderwall (it’s the bit with a bird-like creature floating). I re-filmed the image by playing it on my monitor and taking stills of each frame on my Ricoh camera, then put each frame back into the edit. I slightly warped each frame for each individual photograph.¬†Oh there is a quick flash of an Alchemy symbol. The symbol is of Ouroboros. I won’t talk too much about that but it is a precursor of what I was doing to the image. The cyclical nature of things. Cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. I hate talking about those elements because I prefer someone to see it and then research it themselves, just hit up Wikipedia!”-DS

animation frames_small

Behind-the-scenes footage photographed by Kate Cox:

“I quite like calling this ‘The Good Wood’… a quote from the film My Brother Tom – which is about 2 teenagers that find solace in a wood. On the day, the forest floor was alive with spiders….” -KC