Sylva’s Sticks


“After rescheduling several times we actually had a beautiful sunny day for our shoot, which was brilliant, as that is the look I wanted for the film. We shot on the streets of Clapton, which i now know better than my own neighbourhood- we also had the amazing space that Sylva calls home, aka MKII ( thanks M&M!). I shot hand held, which surprisingly doesn’t look too wobbly. I guess years of carrying heavy cameras helps.” –CS


“I met Sylva about a year ago through a mutual friend, but it took ages for us to actually arrange the first shoot. Its always a bit strange shooting someone you have asked to model for you, but we both soon realised that we were kindred spirits and it all fell into place. She was not fazed at all by me wanting to shoot the movie. Shes a natural and looks amazing. I can’t wait to hear her album, she hasn’t let me hear it yet as its not finished. I’m very interested to see what will come out of her head.” –CS