Behind The Scenes
Blow Out

16 year old Flo Morrissey, also known as 9Mary, is an unsigned singer/songwriter living in London.  The name 9Mary was taken from the title of a photographic series by artist Adi Da Samraj her father showed her. She often collaborates with her brother Fitz, age 19, who sings backup with her on ‘Blow Out’.

“I had the intention of creating a song about learning how to let go and move on from events that might seem hurtful. The message is positive. The idea is that you first have to recognise that there has been a “blow out” and not try to hide or run away from it. I really believe that recognising what has happened is very important in order to move on and create a better reality for yourself. We do not have to be prisoners of our past,says Flo.


Flo had contacted photographer Cat Stevens after  seeing her work and was keen to be shot by her.  TEST asked Cat to attempt her first video piece with her, and they shot it in London by St. Dunstan’s church.



Flo’s been writing her own music for the last 2 years, often co-writing songs with her brother.
“From a young age I felt I had a good voice and really enjoyed singing and I have always gravitated towards music as a way of expressing myself. I was also encouraged by my family and school to spend time doing this. The writing came later, when I developed and interest in poetry and lyrics, and as I became more aware of the world beyond childhood!”



Flo is in the process of finishing her album and is hoping to go to LA this summer with her brother to perform. She also plans  to begin working with video and animation, which she wants to use as an integral part of her music output.



You can hear more of 9Mary’s recordings at
All photography by Owen Richards.