Jermaine Francis
The Girls Next Door

Name: Jermaine Francis
Professional Chancer
Hometown: Born in Tipton, West Midlands

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Libra

Who is your celebrity dopple-ganger? Where do I start I am black!!!

Describe something that has changed the way you view the world: It was two people: my old athletics coach Allan Clay and my old lecturer Jed they both opened my eyes to the World!!!!! Thanks Allan and Jed. Also my experiences going to early warehouse parties the people I met was so diverse it opened me up to so many experiences!!!
How do you fight the blues? I look in the mirror and think someone is a lot worse off than me, then I realize shit it’s me!!!
What song best describes your life? Lil Louis ‘French Kiss’.
How do you spend your time when you’re not working? A good old bit of curtain-twitching.
Describe the person you love the most: My Mom, only because she is the only woman who can talk more than me she is the Queen of Chat!!!
What would you like to do before you die? I’m trying to start a religious cult, it seems like a recession-proof business model.
What is your life’s mantra? ‘Don’t worry about it’.
Describe your perfect day: In bed watching athletics, with a junior boys own compilation and a bowl of summer fruits soya yoghurt… For purposes of consumption only I may add.

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