Jacob Sutton

Jacob Sutton

Name: Jacob Sutton
I grew up in York
Current Location:
Astrological Sign:
… really?
Who is your celebrity dopple-ganger?
Any number of hollywood stunners… As long as they’re bald and have a beard.. John Malkovich etc.
Describe something that has changed the way you view the world: I was looking on the internet today at some of Roman Signers short films. He’s and amazing artist. I guess he’s influenced me quite a bit.
How do you fight the blues? This week its been Chablis, and dancing enthusiastically with friends round my house.
What song best describes your life? Jockey full of Bourbon by Tom Waits (I just like that title)… Or Straight out of Compton because it talks about my street roots.
How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working? Thinking about work.. only kidding.. well.. All the usual. Eating, drinking making love to fabulous looking women. (mostly eating and drinking)
Describe the person you love the most:
Loads of people…
What would you like to  do before you die?
What.. Are you going to kill me??!
What is your life’s mantra?
Must remember mantra, must remember mantra, must remember…  …. oh crap.
Describe your perfect day:
Bran Flakes for breakfast, champagne lollies all day.

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