David abrahams age 5

David Abrahams
We’re Being Watched By Experts
Holly Fulton S/S 2011

Name: David Abrahams
Hometown: Leeds

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Gemini

What are you good at? Apparently everything.. my friends call me DIY DAVE!

What is the last book you read and what did you think?  OH wait i’m not good a at books, they bring me out in rash.. but i have read this one book called Radical Evolution, its amazing. its all about new technologies and new bio technologies that are being made in our world today.  It starts off with a telekinetic monkey, that can control a robot arm. witch its placed the other side of the room.
How do you unwind? By stopping, I run/dance around a lot.
Rock, paper, scissors? Or cock, muff, bum hole?
How do you cope with drama? I’m too placid to be effected by drama. Otherwise other people’s drama is quite funny.
What do you love about life? Creating things.. hum… Kissing and maybe the sun. i love the sun!!
How is the world going to end? Hopefully in some horrible disaster… where we all have to fight for our lives, but i’m that guy that will end up on the other side.

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