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Blossom Berkofsky
About A Girl

Name: Blossom Berkofsky
Hometown: London/Los Angeles

Current Location: NYC

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

What makes you laugh out loud? My boyfriend.

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? To give up some of my workaholic ways….
What’s your favorite outfit and why? I love my new Wren blazer. My friend Melissa is the designer and she makes a killer basic… It makes me feel very chic and it goes with everything.
What’s hot right now? Hippies.
Where’s your favorite place in the world and why? I’m pretty into my friends holiday cottage in southern spain, its so beautiful and remote- it makes me want run away to europe and spend the rest of my life picking olives and eating cheese.
What’s special about your best friend? She understands whats important.
Describe your first kiss: Painful.
Make a wish: LOVE.

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