James Jeanette Main
Stylist/Fashion Buyer/Shop owner/Performer/Actor
Louise Gray A/W 2010

Name: James Jeanette Main
Stylist/Fashion Buyer/Shop owner/Performer/Actor
Hometown: Aberbloodydeen Scotland!

Current Location: Hackney, London

Astrological Sign: Leo

What are you good at? Creating/Dancing/Loving/Shopping/Drinking/Seeing/Feeling/Showing…

What is the last book you read and what did you think? I’m big into biogs and have recently finished Groovy Bob about the fabulous 60’s Art dealer Robert Fraser and the Cecil Beaton one, both were fantastically gossipy and inspiring! Also a friend gave me What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt but have yet to get back into it.
How do you unwind? Feet up with a good movie. Or sleep!…. Or a LARGE Brandy or 2!!
Rock, paper, scissors? ROCK!!
How do you cope with drama? There’s always a DRAMA darling!….
What do you love about life? The usual.. good friends, good times… also the unexpected and bizarre which just makes me love to be ALIVE!
How is the world going to end? It looks like mankind is doing a fairly good job at self-destruction.. but one hope’s that with advances in technology and natural evolution it WON’T end… it’ll just look VERY different.

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