Kiyo Okada

Face to Face

Name: Kiyo Okada
Occupation: Manicurist
Hometown: Sapporo, Japan
Currently live: New York City
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Who do you most admire and why? My former boss…Sheril Baily who is the greatest manicurist in this industry.
What keeps you awake at night?  My dog licking on my cheek.
What’s the first thing you think about in the morning?  Changing a new water for my dog.
Name your guilty pleasures: French fry.
What inspires you? Fashion.
If you could do something else, what would it be and why?  Real estate broker, because I really love the market in NYC’s apartment.
In the future you would like to: Get a second house in the country.
What are you afraid of? If I lost my dog by sick accident.
Have you told a lie recently and what was it?  I told to younger age.
What was the most delicious thing you ate this week? I ate fresh sushi.
What is surprising about you? I love to go to gay club with my gay friend.

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