Rowdy Superst*r
Singer/Rapper/Producer… and more!

Name: Rowdy Superst*r
Singer/Rapper/Producer… and more!
Hometown: LDN

Current Location: Wonderland

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

What’s the best thing about summer? Lazy days in outdoor spaces.

Where is your favorite holiday destination?  It’s a toss-up between Barbados and St. Kitts.  The Caribbean is the only place I can actually switch-off.
What are the best and worst things about your job? The best thing is that it doesn’t feel like a job.  The worst thing I guess is also that it doesn’t feel like a job.
What will you do when you retire? Teach what I have learnt.
What did you dream about last night? It wasn’t that nice so I’d rather forget about it if that’s ok?
What rocks your world? Power<Energy.
What makes you laugh? Things that are funny.  Oh… and knitwear designer Craig Lawrence never fails to make me laugh- he might be the funniest person in London.  I just laughed at the fact these answers make me sound like a dick.  LOL!

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