R’el Dade

Face to Face

Name: R’el Dade
Occupation: Model
Hometown: Dallas,Texas
Current Location: New York
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Who do you most admire and why? My mother is my admiration, she’s the strongest person I know.
What keeps you awake at night? My phone goes off constantly.
What’s the first thing that you think about in the morning? Sleep,sleep, and more sleep
Name your guilty pleasures: sweets and shopping.

What inspires you? Everything from different styles of music and people to different styles of clothes and cultures.
If you could do something else what would it be and why? I would love to be an ultrasound technician, I’ve always been intrested in the medical field but blood and needles aren’t my thing!
In the future you would like to: Travel to less fortunate countries and help out.
What are you afraid of? Oh goodness, heights I’m terrified!
What is the most recent lie you told? I apologized for something I wasn’t sorry for!
What is the most delisious thing you ate this week? Stuffed french toast.

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