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Drielly Oliveira

metallic Prism Dress

Name: Drielly Oliveira
Occupation: Model
Hometown: Minas Gerais Brazil
Current Location: London
Astrological Sign: Aquarium
What is sexy about you? My freckles.
What is your worst habit? Sleep 5 more minutes after waking with the alarm.
What is your most memorable fashion mistake? Obsession with black.
What do you want to be remembered for? The biggest smile.
If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be and why? No one! people have many problems! I would like to exchange with a bird so i can fly without having to worry about buying a ticket and making bags!
What’s the quickest route to your heart? The simplicity and honesty fascinate me!
What makes you angry? Discrimination, lack of education, stay hungry, selfish people …
What is your secret weapon? If it were not a secret I would say! hehe
When are you the most happy? I feel happy for every achievement, every dream come true and every plan for the future. I love being with people in a good mood, makes me very happy to know that people around are happy!

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