Agent Lynch

60s style Burlesque vixen

Name: Agent Lynch
Occupation: 60s style Burlesque vixen
Hometown: Newcastle
Current Location: A secret bunker in Dalston.
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Who do you most admire and why? Diana Rigg, she was a total 60s icon and tread the line between being strong, intelligent and sexy. Plus she rocked a catsuit like no one else.
What keeps you awake at night? How rude!
What’s the first thing that you think about in the morning? How long can I snuggle on my boyfreinds hairy chest before I have to get up.
Name your guilty pleasures: Eating peanut butter out the jar, polyester and my collection of 1960s girlie magazines.
What inspires you? Directors like Michelangelo Anotonini and Roger Vadim their films are such a wealth of beautiful iconic images. I love the 60s so much because I can see it now through their eyes.
If you could do something else what would it be and why? I would love to be a writer, I love telling stories and hearing them to. People say I write like I talk, which I hope is a good thing!
In the future you would like to: Have my own show in Vegas.
What are you afraid of? Not getting everything done and losing the people Iove.
What is the most recent lie you told? One about my friends out of tax car to my landlord…I’m sorry David!
What is the most delisious thing you ate this week? This jar of peanut butter.
What is surprising about you? My Dad took me to a tattoo parlour when I was 13 to get my bellybutton pierced. I blame the Spicegirls.

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