TW Headshot

Thorsten Weiss
Make Up Artist
They Drove All Night
You Go In Shadows

Name: Thorston Weiss
Make Up Artist
Hometown: Berlin

Current Location: NYC

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Who is your celebrity dopple-ganger? Tell me??

Describe something that has changed the way you view the world: I accompanied a person into his death.  I guess that was the strongest “something” I can remember.
How do you fight the blues? Yoga.
What song best describes your life? “All Is Full Of Love”, by Bjork.
How do you spend your time when you’re not working? Having dinner with friends in front of a fireplace.
Describe the person you love the most: Honest, respectful and full of  joy.
What would you like to do before you die? Continue living my live as it is, possibly with some upgrades.
What is your life’s mantra? ‘See, feel and believe without any fears’.
Describe your perfect day: There are too many ways to make a day perfect!!!!!

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