Kaoru Okubo

Makeup artist
Face to Face

Name: Kaoru Okubo
Occupation: Makeup artist
Hometown: Osaka in Japan
Currently live: New York City
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Who do you most admire and why? Aaron De Mey because he is super talented and caring.
What keeps you awake at night? Books.
What’s the first thing you think about in the morning? To drink water.
Name your guilty pleasures: A lot of sugar in coffee.
What inspires you? All people.
If you could do something else, what would it be and why? Dr.
In the future you would like to: Be makeup artist.
What are you afraid of? Moth!
Have you told a lie recently and what was it? Don’t tell mother how I feel.
What is the most delicious thing you ate this week? SUSHI!!!
What is surprising about you? I’m boring person.

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