Gloria Noto
Make Up Artist, Editor In Chief of The Work Magazine, Documentarian
L.A. Punk

Name: Gloria Noto
Make Up Artist, Editor In Chief of The Work Magazine, Documentarian
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Current Location: Los Angeles

Astrological Sign: October Scorpio

What’s the best thing about summer? It’s more comfortable to be naked all the time and the day light is longer.

Where is your favorite holiday destination?  Any place where I can have adventures and learn new things.
What are the best and worst things about your job? The worst thing would be dealing with peoples egos and their ideas of self worth. One of the great things is that I figured out a way to beat the system… I work when I want, not when someone tells me to.
What will you do when you retire? No idea, I don’t like to think that far ahead.
What did you dream about last night? I dreamed that I was in some weird ocean world, swimming with sharkes and sting rays.  There are blurs of watching my friends on a TV commercial covered in dirt, talking about riding motorcycles and how bad ass they are.  None of them actually ride.  There were also a few perverted moments scattered..I taught myself some tricks.
What rocks your world? Doing what I want and filling my time with meaningful moments.  Good bottles of wine and great discussion.  Having my ideas come to life.
What makes you laugh? My girlfriend.

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