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Luca Portadibasso
Sweet and Lowdown

Name: Luca Portadibasso
Hometown: Modena, Italy

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Who inspires you in your profession? No one in particular! I find inspiration in people I see and talk to everyday, art work and nature.

Why should people be jealous of you?  Why not?
Where do you like to eat and why? As I am there almost everyday, Broadway market on saturdays and all the local pubs in london fields area.
How do you get motivated? Swimming, swimming, swimming….
What pisses you off? Being inside on a sunny day, my cat sitting on my face in the morning.
Who’s on the top of your playlist? Mmm.. really not sure, is always different.
What is your catch-phrase? I don’t have one!

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