Katie Eary
Tailor/Menswear Designer
Katie Eary A/W 2010

Name: Katie Eary
Tailor/Menswear Designer
Hometown: Stevenage

Current Location: London, Great Eastern St.

Astrological Sign: Virgo

What are you good at? Putting colours together. haha.  But seriously, i think thats my thing.

What is the last book you read and what did you think? Marabou Stork Nightmares,  I fell in love with it!  I have read every single Irvine Welsh book to date, but put off reading it as it sounded like it was a sci -fi, But being the avid fan I am, I left it till last, and actually its now my favorite. His books are simply genius! Contemporary writing at its best!  This book became the inspiration for my AW10 collection.
How do you unwind? Cinema is the only time my mind completely shuts down and simply focuses on one thing- The film.
Rock, paper, scissors? Scissors.
How do you cope with drama? Day 1- get coldsaws and cry, Day 2- get over it and find a solution,  Day 3- Problem solved!  There are different scenarios, sometimes you just have to laugh.
What do you love about life? All of lifes challenges!  I love love, I love to laugh till i cry. Simple things in life are simply beautiful, easily forgotten and fragile. But when it happens, its always fulfilling.
How is the world going to end? Hopefully i wont live long enough to know… But im guessing it will burn up or explode…

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