celia portrait 2010

Cecilia Mary Robson
Cecilia Mary Robson S/S 2011

Name: Cecilia Mary Robson
Hometown: London

Current Location: Hertford/London

Astrological Sign: Libra

What’s the best trend this season? I’m not sure about everyone else but for me, Navy Pea Coats with a kilt and flat pointy shoes. Oh and cropped hair too.

How would you describe your style?  Pared down, fun and colourful.
Who’s style do you most admire and why? I love Anna Karina in the film Bande a Part and Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle, they are very relaxed in their own bodies and this is what I think is the basis for real style.
What’s the best thing about autumn? So many things, my birthday for a start! The smell of wet leaves, the golden sun light through orange coloured leaves, Halloween!!! I am a true Autumn baby.

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