Sandra Freij
The Long Walk
Tipp Tapp
Cecilia Mary Robson S/S 2011
The Gift

Name: Sandra Freij
Hometown: Boras, Sweden

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Gemini

What makes you laugh out loud? The curious and innocent view of the world by 4 year old daughter Alba, so insightful and such a breath of fresh air!

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? Be true to myself.
What’s your favorite outfit and why? It was the wedding dress that I wore for Halloween,  in case it was the only time I wear something in that genre.
What’s hot right now? 3 layers of knitted jumpers…. might get you warm, but hot???
Where’s your favorite place in the world and why? In the middle of the night on the boat in the middle of the lake by mum and dads house in Sweden, because you can never be closer to  the stars!
What’s special about your best friend? She can spit almost 5 meters and pee like a boy.
Describe your first kiss: It was a testrun with my best friend before the real deal.
Make a wish: I want my dad to come and build an extension on our house this year… Pleeease Daddy!!

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