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Ossi Jalkanen
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Name: Ossi Jalkanen
Hometown: London, Helsinki, Geneva

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Pisces

What are you good at? People seem to hire me for the way that I see things. You have to look at things from various angles.

What is the last book you read and what did you think?  Oracle Night by Paul Auster. It was ok – an entertaining little journey, but nothing life-changing like the double-thinking 1984.
How do you unwind? In a fast paced place like London often the best way to chill is to do nothing at all. Or then just meet up with people. and play.
Rock, paper, scissors? I once convinced someone that I was a psychic because I knew what he was going to go for each time. Go for rock first. Most people seem to go for scissors on the first one.
How do you cope with drama? Drama is about getting caught up about stuff. If instead you just let go, you’ll often find that you’re in a better place than you imagined.
What do you love about life? What DON’T I love about life?! We’ve got this one-off opportunity to do beautiful and miraculous things with our lives, even if they’re very simple. What’s there not to like?
How is the world going to end? John B. Calhoun the mouse universe i.

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