Ryan Hopkinson
Camera Assistant
Liquid Luxe

Name: Ryan Hopkinson
Camera Assistant
Hometown: Leeds

Current Location: London

Astrological Sign: Pisces

What’s the best thing about summer? Festivals, drinking/relaxing in the park with friends and sitting on roof terraces.

Where is your favorite holiday destination?  I dont like to go to the same place twice. But Mexico, NYC & Boston definitely stand out against the others.
What are the best and worst things about your job? Getting to work with/meet similar minded people, being able to travel, getting up way too early to be on set.
What will you do when you retire? I don’t think you can retire in this industry, its a little like the mafia.
What did you dream about last night? I think I was on a boat.
What rocks your world? Food (any kind), dogs & summer.
What makes you laugh? People taking the piss out of themselves.

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